Exercise of the week: Deadbug

The deadbug is a great exercise to improve core strength and stability whilst placing minimal stress on the lower back. There are a number of progressions and regressions, meaning this is an exercise which can be suitable for everyone.

Starting position:

- Lie on your back with hands up towards the ceiling

- Hips and knees bent to 90-degrees

- Back flat against the floor (use the core to tilt the pelvis if needed)


- Whilst breathing out, lower your right arm towards the floor behind your head

- At the same time lower and straighten your left leg

- Breathe in as you draw your arm and leg back to the start position

Repeat on the other side



-Aim for 3 sets of 5-10 reps on each side

Key technique points:

- Like most core exercises, the deadbug should be a slow and controlled movement

- Keep your back flat, don’t let it arch away from the floor

- If you do feel like you are arching your back then don’t take the move any further, and instead work within the controllable range

- The first few reps may feel very easy, but keep with the correct technique and you will definitely feel it by the end.



When you are able to easily complete each variation then move onto the next, however, if you are unable to control the movement then take a step back.

- Squeeze a swiss ball between the limbs that aren’t moving 

- Add small dumbbells into each hand

- Hold a medicine ball in your hands and lower both arms at the same time as alternate legs


It is always better to be able to perform an exercise with correct execution at an easier level than poor form at a harder level. Poor technique creates an injury risk – particularly in the lower back for core exercises.

- As described earlier, use a smaller range to prevent the back from arching.

- Keep the arms above the head and just lower one leg at a time

- Keep your feet on the floor and slowly slide the heel to straighten each leg

Regression: Keep feet down on the floor and straighten one leg. 

Regression: Keep feet down on the floor and straighten one leg. 


Include this exercise in your next work out and let us know what you think!