TRX - Suspension Training®

Whether beginning a fitness journey or pushing towards your summit, TRX Training helps you to move better, feel better, and live better. Even while working arms or legs, Suspension Training® constantly challenges your core for a true total-body workout.

SWEAT Southsea deliver TRX classes led by official TRX certified instructors.



An intense full body workout which will help improve athletic performance, core strength and overall fitness levels. HIIT TRX is a high intensity interval (HIIT) based class - expect to push yourself to your limits and then feel invigorated and ready to take on the world!

Tuesday 7:30pm

Wednesday 6:30pm

Thursday 6:30pm


TRX Barre

We combine elements of our signature Barre classes and TRX training to help improve muscular strength, athletic performance and balance. With your muscles under tension for longer periods of time, you can expect to feel the burn throughout a total body conditioning workout.

Monday 6:30pm

Thursday 10:30am

Class capacity: 8 | Duration: 50 mins