Sports Massage Therapy


Sports Massage

"Balance is key in life and when exercising, it is important to give back to the body"


Sports Massage is a form of manual therapy designed to assist in relieving tightness and correcting imbalances in soft tissue that can be caused from repetitive and strenuous physical activity or the stress of every day life.

Sports massage has many health benefits for everyone, no matter how active you are. Some of these benefits include relief of stiffness and soreness, improvements to mobility, flexibility and posture, injury prevention and improves soft tissue healing after injury or heavy training.  Our highly trained sports massage therapists can relieve your soft tissue aches and pains, whether it’s muscle soreness after training for a competition or just tension after a long week in the office. They can also advise on stretches to try at home to help prolong the positive effects of treatment. 


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