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Here's what some of our clients have said about us:

Peter Leonard, Canon Chancellor, Portsmouth Cathedral

"One area I have been focusing on this last year is exercise. I use Sweat Southsea to help achieve this. Essentially I lack self discipline so I need to exercise with others who help motivate me. I also need trainers who take a holistic approach and an interest in me as a person not just as a body to improve. The guys at Sweat Southsea led by Luke and Tina Newton do this incredibly well and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I’m not on any kind of commission – I am simply a client of theirs but I think I could also say they are my friends as that is the kind of vibe they create." (Read full blog post)

Liz Drabble, Sales Execution Manager at IBM

"I have been coming to Sweat Southsea for a couple of years - for PT sessions, classes and even the odd session of Physio. The team are super friendly but most of all accessible and, well, normal! There are no mirrors or egos, just a lovely group of people who enjoy working in the fitness industry. The benefits to me have been huge- physical fitness has improved beyond measure through a mixture of HIIT, Pilates, weights and cardio work but the bit that I have been most pleased with is the effect that the exercise- and being part of the Sweat community - has had on my mental wellbeing. The headspace is great. 

Pay-as-you-go works well for me to help make sure that I can balance exercise with family and work life... basically Sweat was the missing piece of the jigsaw! Thanks to Luke, Tina and the whole team.

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Ellesha Rolison, Dance Instructor

"I go to SWEAT Outdoors and Kettlebell classes which are both hard work but fun. The trainers are always extremely encouraging, with a variation of exercises each week to target different muscle groups, strengthening and cardio. The atmosphere amongst the group is always positive and encouraging, working as a team as well as improving yourself as an individual. I also love how the instructors make a point of learning people's names instantly. I think it's a great quality!

I can't recommend SWEAT enough. They are very professional and passionate about not only their craft but helping others achieve their fitness goals."

Ruth Worswick, Teaching Professional

"An achilles injury left me unable to run a few months ago. But George's patience, encouragement and (kindly) nagging have taught me to manage the condition. I had my first beach run in months today and cannot begin to describe the impact on me mentally as well as physically. Thank you!"

Kirsty Tolfrey

"Had a massage today and it was amazing! Lexie made me feel at ease and made sure i was ok with the pressure throughout. Would definitely recommend to others! Feeling so refreshed now thank you!"

Alice Jones

"Fab first barre class with Lily this morning - I'd never done it before and it really pushed me - but such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Small class sizes too (even though it was fully booked!) Thank you Lily & Sweat - and see you next week! :) "

Chris Woods, Events Manager

"A great team of guys and girls doing something different from the mainstream gyms; no membership fees, no distractions, and they actually care!"

Paul Gonella, Co-Founder, Strong Island

"I've had a serious back problem for about 4 years, which has worsened to the point I can't get out on my bike much and now find it really difficult to skate. A busy life meant I put off doing anything about it. The guys at SWEAT Southsea were recently at our calendar exhibition and Luke told me how they now offer sport injury rehab and physio, so I figured it is time to try and fix the situation, so signed up. 

Tonight was my first session with Lucas, who put me through loads of tests and exercises to measure movement and flexibility (or lack of it). Lucas has worked with Portsmouth FC academy for years and it was great have him talk through what each test was for and how it helps build up a physiological picture of the body. I'm looking forward to next week's session to hear back from Lucas, with his analysis and recommendations on how to begin rectifying the problem and fixing the pain. 'What would you want to be able to do at the end of this?' I want to be able to skateboard pain free...So begins a hopeful mission to make that happen in 2017.


"Last night was my second session at SWEAT Southsea working to fix an ongoing severe back pain problem. After last week's series of test's this session was looking at the detailed analysis. Lucas filmed last week and when running through each point was able to show me the problems with the video using slow-mo and graphics illustrating angles, etc. Clearly explaining these issues regarding how the body compensates in other areas and how different parts of the body interact and work together really helped me get my head around the causes of the pain and how the programme in place was going to improve the situation. 

The second part of the session was all about a series of exercises Lucas had put together to begin to increase strength in particular areas in the waist and knees, to increase balance and core strength as well as flexibility. Will be starting on these right away.

A huge thank you to Lucas and the guys at Sweat. When you suffer from things like back pain it is easy to begin to think of it as your new normal, no longer taking part in physical activities and consciously (& subconsciously) creating coping strategies to work around things. Working with Lucas has really made me realise that I can break that down and get back to a new, more active, sense of normal....with a lot of hard work still to do."

Hannah Rumming

"Having had problems with my shoulders since a sports injury 8 years ago, I had settled with the idea that I had joints of an 80 year old ... Not really what you want at 24! However, I’ve recently had 4 sessions of sports therapy and honestly cannot emphasise enough how much this had positively impacted my day-to-day life. We managed to find the root of my problem and I was taught numerous ways to incorporate exercises to ease the pain and strengthen my shoulders into my busy schedule. I now sleep better, work more comfortably at a desk and most importantly, it has massively improved my training for The Great South Run. Thank you!”

Joel Byas

"Great team, lots of good encouragement even when it's tough. A real caring vibe going on! Great place to start getting fit and trim!"

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