Reviews and testimonials (Abbie)

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Here's what some of Abbie's clients have said:

Alex Horton, College Lecturer


"I had been exercising for 2 months, running 2 miles twice a week, but I hadn't seen much of a physical change to my body in terms of weight loss or shape. After having a baby a year previously and my wedding coming up later that year I thought it would be useful to seek advice from a specialist in exercise. Also to have someone to be accountable to whilst following a fitness program. I was skeptical initially as to whether or not using a personal trainer would help as I thought I knew a fair amount about exercise but I was very impressed with Abbie's knowledge of how to tone specific muscles in the body and improve strength. I would say to go for it as it is worth every penny! Abbie has given me a useful structure to my health and fitness program and is very motivational. There were specific areas of my body that I wanted to tone and Abbie helped me to achieve my goals in the run up to my wedding. Training became more enjoyable once I had Abbie's help and I was starting to see the benefits to her training program. By the time my wedding came around I had lost 7cm from my waist and 7cm from my hips, this made me feel so much more confident when I put on my dress on the morning of our wedding."

Jacklyn Savage, Nurse


"I first started on the fitness train using The Body Coach, he got me so far but something was missing. I found SWEAT Southsea and started going to classes and realised I enjoyed the company of others when I train. When the count down to the wedding was getting closer I knew I needed another kick up the butt. So I started with Abbie, she listened to what I wanted to achieve and I've never looked back. Back in the day I did all sorts of diets, slimming world, weight watchers etc. But that was a yoyo lifestyle, so once I got engaged I signed up and completed The Body Coach 90 day program. That really worked to give me an insight into what food I should be eating and actually making exercising part of my routine. But I was getting bored and lonely doing the same workouts and needed more. Being an active member of SWEAT Southsea and regularly attending classes, I thought it would may be just a couple months boost before the wedding. But over a year and half later Abbie still sees me once a week, and now my goals have changed from what they first were on our initial consultation, Abbie is able to adapt to fit what I am now trying to achieve. To anyone who may be sitting on the fence about starting personal training, do it! Abbie works hard to ensure your sessions are personalised to your individual needs and goals. If like me you were worried that "oh I can't do that, because of my shift work pattern" this is not a problem. Abbie is very flexible on day, time and place if needed. Not only is Abbie a great PT, I now think of her as one of my friends which encourages me to push myself harder."

Karen Short, Retired Accountant


"I have never been a natural exerciser but as I passed 60 I realised that the most important thing for my future was to improve my strength. As I need to be pushed I decided that the way forward was on a 1-1 basis. I attended the 2017 Southsea Fitness Festival and met Abbie there and the rest is history. Before starting with Abbie I had tried pretty much everything over the years. Slimming clubs, numerous wasted gym memberships, restrictive diets and even slimming pills (it was the 70s)!Then I realised that it's not about weight - that's a fatuous measure. I was sceptical to see if I would stick with it given my chequered history. But I love it - I did not know what I was able to do and Abbie has helped me push myself further than I thought I could - I still hate Burpees though! If you’re unsure on whether to start personal training take my word for it, it’s amazing what you can do it you put your mind to it. If you're like me and need pushing in a constructive manner then this will work if you commit."

Lauren Jones, English Teacher

"For the first time in my life I feel that an exercise regime is maintainable and not just a quick fix or fad. Abbie is so friendly and encouraging but doesn't shy away from challenging me to push myself. I really appreciate the variety and detail that goes into each session; I look forward to the surprise! Her weekly newsletter is full of good ideas and keeps me on track - I can't wait to try the almond pancakes! Thank you Abbie for such a refreshing and positive approach to fitness as a lifelong change rather than a quick fad."