We really appreciate the kind words we regularly receive through email, the recommendations made through word of mouth and the reviews across social media. Here's what some of our clients have said about us:



“I’m hard pushed to choose my favourite SWEAT class; I love the TRX classes but equally enjoy Bars+Bells. Each week the classes are different but always challenging. There is a great friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and all the team are super encouraging. Having only moved to the area in January 2017 I also have the bonus of making some lovely new friends through Sweat! Having been diagnosed with breast cancer last November and following surgery and radiotherapy I have now been told the brilliant news that I just have to have routine annual checks. I continued with my classes at Sweat whenever possible throughout my treatment. The breast care team encouraged me to continue and I know I would never have made such a quick recovery without the continued exercise routine. The team were fantastic and their support and understanding has helped tremendously in my quick recovery.”


"Essentially I lack self discipline so I need to exercise with others who help motivate me. I also need trainers who take a holistic approach and an interest in me as a person not just as a body to improve. The guys at Sweat Southsea led by Luke and Tina do this incredibly well and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I’m not on any kind of commission – I am simply a client of theirs but I think I could also say they are my friends as that is the kind of vibe they create."



“I love HIIT TRX and Circuits, I can't pick just one favourite :)

And I love the small group classes."



"I've dipped in and out of being active over the years and was in a bit of a lull heading towards my big 4-0. Something had to change. A friend recommended I get in touch with Luke at SWEAT Southsea and I haven't looked back! I'm the fittest I've ever been, Luke pushes me to my limits but in a fun way with my PT sessions being varied so I'm never bored.

I feel stronger, happier and more motivated - I've been a member of many gyms but using SWEAT Southsea, I'm seeing the biggest differences! I can't recommend Luke and SWEAT enough!"



“I employed Luke at a point when I had become quite disillusioned with training. I wasn’t enjoying exercise. I had heard good things and liked the thought of training at SWEAT in an environment without distractions or crowds. The initial few weeks got me really buzzing. I enjoyed boxing workouts and I learnt how to deadlift and squat properly. I started wanting to go to classes alongside the weekly personal training because I was starting to see physical results. I also had more energy, felt less stressed and started sleeping better. I am now at a point where I really enjoy exercise. I cycle to work, eat much better than I ever used to and have even been to Parkrun! I really recommend personal training and classes at SWEAT. Sessions are varied and we continually assess my progress and goals.”



"Favourite class - Bars+Bells.

Favourite thing - the relaxed social atmosphere. Sweat doesn’t feel like a typical gym. The classes are a good laugh, and a really good workout which they scale to everyone’s ability, makes getting fit fun.”



"I trained with Luke regularly for 18 months and during that time he always found new ways to push me and keep training fun. I couldn’t be happier with my progress and all-round fitness levels. I joined the military in the best possible frame of mind and fully confident in my physical abilities. Luke has helped me understand the importance of a balanced diet and exercise and healthy living has become a really big part of my life. I now feel well-balanced and strong, knowing that we trained hard but smart. For example, front loaded deadlifts were always a problem for me but Luke taught me awesome alternatives. Luke is very motivating, kept me focused, gives great nutritional advice and always has new creative workouts.”



I have learnt how to train effectively using free weights. I reduced my body fat, gained strength and significantly improved my fitness levels.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Luke or the SWEAT team.”

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"I go to SWEAT Outdoors and Kettlebell classes which are both hard work but fun. The trainers are always extremely encouraging, with a variation of exercises each week to target different muscle groups, strengthening and cardio. The atmosphere amongst the group is always positive and encouraging, working as a team as well as improving yourself as an individual. I also love how the instructors make a point of learning people's names instantly. I think it's a great quality!

I can't recommend SWEAT enough. They are very professional and passionate about not only their craft but helping others achieve their fitness goals."



“I sought help ahead of running The Great South Run for the first time and having never run this far before I needed to get my fitness and endurance levels up. Secondly, two months after the race I was getting married and wanted to look and feel my best! Luke totally delivered on all points. His sessions were always varied and fun which made me really look forward to training, and as someone who usually finds exercise quite dull, this was no mean feat! I began to notice results very quickly and his great motivational encouragement really made me want to fight hard, dig in and improve more. I would thoroughly recommend Luke to anyone who is finding getting fit and healthy a struggle – he really will make you feel great about yourself and start you on a path to a healthier lifestyle.”



"I contacted Luke before my second attempt at The Lakeland 100, a gruelling 100 mile race across The Lake District. I had attempted it two years previous and had to stop due to fatigue and problems with navigation. I have trained and completed a number of races including six marathons in six days in The Sahara. Luke supported me with a mileage plan, nutritional and preparation advice. In the gym, I was pushed to my physical and mental limit, with excellent results. I had never felt fitter in my life. The Lakeland 100 is known to have a 50-65% failure rate but I managed to complete the 105 miles in 38 hours and 15 minutes. The race was beyond what I could have expected – it pushed me to my absolute limit mentally, and physically was the biggest challenge of my Ultra-running career to date. The extensive work we had done on core and leg strengthening and conditioning helped me no-end and I was able to negotiate the hills with a lot more ease than my previous attempt. I would highly recommend Luke and SWEAT Southsea to anyone looking to complete their next challenge; the information I learnt proved invaluable."

Great team, lots of good encouragement even when it’s tough. A real caring vibe going on! Great place to start getting fit and trim!
— Joel Byas
Fab first Barre class this morning - I’d never done it before and it really pushed me - but such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Small class sizes too (even though it was fully booked!) Thank you Sweat - and see you next week! :)
— Alice Jones
A huge thank you to the guys at Sweat. When you suffer from things like back pain it is easy to begin to think of it as your new normal, no longer taking part in physical activities and consciously (& subconsciously) creating coping strategies to work around things. Working with SWEAT has really made me realise that I can break that down and get back to a new, more active, sense of normal....with a lot of hard work still to do.
— Paul Gonella, Co-Founder, Strong Island
After previous poor experiences with personal trainers I was a bit hesitant to try again.  However, after a challenging year, I knew I had to improve my strength, health and fitness. Workouts at Sweat Southsea are never boring, and there are always new exercises. I was never somebody who enjoyed working out or who would commit to a steady routine, but I kept going, and I am beginning to feel healthier and fitter because of it. Overall I would recommend Sweat Southsea to anyone who is looking to get in better shape and improve their health.
— Mitra