Pre+Post Natal


Personal Training

Alongside our specialist pre + post natal personal trainer and enjoying a private and comfortable gym free from the usual gym crowds.


Mummy+Me Classes

Focus on recovery, connecting your core and pelvic floor with breathing.

Build strength for mum life and exercise safely in a supportive and encouraging small group environment.

Coming soon!


Pre Natal Classes

Small group sessions to help you maintain mobility and strength through your pregnancy

Coming soon!


Post Natal Training

Post birth, we will help you to:

  • Focus on recovery - (slow is fast)

  • Connect your core and pelvic floor with breathing

  • Understand the foundations of A-alignment, B-breathing, C-core

  • Build the necessary strength for life as a mum - carrying your baby, lifting the car seat etc.

  • Learn safe and effective movements

  • Manage symptoms

  • Recover from the inside out

You will find a supportive and encouraging environment. Our gym is dedicated to 1-1 and bespoke services, meaning no gym crowds.


Exercising through Pregnancy

  • Women who exercise through pregnancy are more likely to experience shorter and easier labours.

  • Regular exercise throughout pregnancy can help you to get back into shape quicker after childbirth.

  • Exercising releases natural endorphins that decrease stress and anxiety and boost energy levels (which are depleted during pregnancy)

  • Even if you haven’t exercised before you fall pregnant, there is still time to start. Once you have been cleared to exercise by your Doctor you can start gentle exercise and maintain your fitness levels throughout your pregnancy.

We will help you to:

  • Maintain strength levels and good mobility

  • Learn breathing techniques to keep your pelvic floor and core connection (which will help with post-birth recovery)

  • Manage and help reduce symptoms