SWEAT Southsea

The number one destination for personal training in Portsmouth.


Freelance Personal Trainer

We are actively looking for a vibrant, dedicated, passionate, hard-working individual to join the SWEAT Southsea team. In the two years since opening its doors, SWEAT Southsea has established itself as the leading destination for personal training and for bespoke studio classes in Portsmouth and Southsea.

Facilities include a functional gym dedicated to PT with four training spaces, a consultation room and private changing rooms.

The ideal candidate will be a Level 3 personal trainer with specific training interests and ambitions. Experience in training clients on a one-to-one basis is required. Delivering excellent customer service and a desire to work as part of a small team within the independent fitness arena is a must. The successful candidate will be highly motivated, client-focused and a team-player with an understanding of branding and marketing which will help propel their business forward.

All freelance personal trainers at SWEAT Southsea are subject to terms and conditions to ensure high levels of customer service and to ensure the protection of our brand, integrity and reputation.

SWEAT Southsea's training team consists of both self-employed and employed personal trainers. We are always interested in hearing from highly motivated and skilled trainers who would fit with the ethos and values of SWEAT Southsea.