Nutrition and Sports Nutrition

Hollie Fudge MSc BSc(Hons) is available for 1-1 Nutritional support at SWEAT Southsea.

Hollie graduated in 2016 with BSc(Hons) degree in Nutrition from St Mary’s University, Twickenham and has now completed her Masters in Sports Nutrition. Hollie is passionate about how a suitable, personalised nutrition plan can enhance a clients life.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food

Hollie is a keen athlete, representing Hampshire in both the 100m and 200m and understands the physical and psychological demands of training, and how nutrition plays an important role in the correct fuelling and recovery of a client both physically and mentally.

Hollie is registered as an Associate Nutritionist with the UK Association for Nutrition.

Hollie offers a Nutrition service for all clients using up-to-date, evidence-based science to provide personalised dietary plans to improve lifestyle and/or performance.

  • Weight management
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Personalised diet plans
  • Nutrition for Performance and Lifestyle
  • 1-1 Nutrition Consultancy
  • Full Dietary Analysis
  • Body Composition
  • Personalised Dietary Plan

  • Prior to the consultation, a dietary assessment will be completed. During the 1-1 consultation, a full dietary analysis, discussion of goals and necessary alterations will be conducted so that a personalised dietary plan can be produced.
  • Body composition testing including body fat percentage measurements using skin-fold calipers is offered during the consultancy.
  • After the consultation, the personalised dietary plan will be finalised to the client’s specific requirements as discussed and will be forwarded to the client, with a follow-up session available to review progress or make alterations.


  • Consultation: £45*
  • Follow-Up: £35

*Introductory rate, valid until 31/01/2018