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Biomechanical and Functional Movement Screening


Individually tailored movement testing and comprehensive biomechanical gait analysis.


Our primary aim is to restore ‘normal movement’ by physical means. But what is normal movement and how do we assess this? Everybody is built differently and there are various factors that affect how we move. There is much debate as to what optimum movement actually is. Pain, injury and poor performance can sometimes be due to poor movement patterns that have become habitual. Although we often feel pain or restriction in particular joints or muscles, the body doesn’t work as isolated units. It produces movement by working as a series of interdependent and interconnected segments in a ‘kinetic chain’ that includes many different muscles, joints and other types of tissues. That’s why we must examine the whole body and the effect pain or pathology might have on the whole, even though someone may only complain of pain in a specific area. In order to experience efficient, pain-free, optimum levels of movement and to remain injury-free in whatever type of activity we do, we must ensure this kinetic chain is working as efficiently as possible. This will help to improve performance, by encouraging optimum biomechanics producing the most energy-efficient movement, increased strength, power, speed and balance. It will also help to reduce injury by minimising muscle fatigue and reducing the stress on joints.

Movement Screening is one of the best ways to assess this quality of movement. We will assess the individual needs of your sport or activity and tailor specific performance tests, Biomechanical analysis and musculo-skeletal movement screening tests that will identify any deficiencies and problems that might lead to poor movement. This will enable you to hone in on specific joint range of movement, flexibility, strength or balance problems that individually need attention. A comprehensive analysis will be performed and an individualised plan will be formulated. This will usually consist of an exercise plan that is designed to address any issues highlighted, but may also include any manual therapy treatments that are considered necessary.

Functional movement screening at SWEAT Southsea includes video analysis, corrective coaching and program.